Asset Management

With a team of real estate professionals whose combined experience spans well over 125 years our unrivaled market and industry knowledge has led to a 95% tenant retention rate and the continued growth and success of our investment portfolio. Our real-time market knowledge and thorough understanding of all levels of asset management ensures the success of each project. As real estate owners and managers we understand that our relationship with our tenants is a partnership and that our success of each investment is dependent on our tenants’ success.


At Avgeris and Associates our experienced staff can manage any commercial construction project. Whether we are performing a small tenant improvement project or a multi-million dollar build-to-suit our attention to detail and team of trusted contractors is unmatched. Our team works as one cohesive unit to meet aggressive schedules, and stay within budget without compromising our quality of work. We value engineer every aspect and detail from design all the way through occupancy making sure all our projects are a lasting success.


Each development project has its own set of unique challenges and hurdles. With our insight and experience we can navigate through each site evaluation, handle complex acquisitions, explore incentive options, work through financing and/or partner needs as well as bring everything together to construct and deliver a lasting product. Our company has a long and successful track record of working with community leaders and businesses to take any underutilized and underperforming asset and re-invest in its infrastructure, building systems, and future to bring about positive change and the revitalization of the property and the local community.


As a private investor of commercial real estate for the last 25 years our experience and long-standing relationships has made our firm one of the premier Chicago commercial real estate investment firms. Our diverse portfolio and sound liquidity has allowed us to handle any economic ups and downs as well as invest in a moments notice. We will acquire or invest in existing Industrial, land, office, and residential assets across the United States. Not only do we invest across the U.S. but we invest in a variety of ways, including sale-leaseback, straight acquisition, general partnership, note purchase or even as a preferred note holder. Our ability to invest creatively and intelligently has built our portfolio and company into one of the top Chicago real estate firms.

Leasing & Marketing

With several decades of experience, the Avgeris brokerage team, uses keen insight and market knowledge to lead any transaction or lease negotiation from start to finish. Our thorough understanding of all industry indicators and trends ensures our ability to execute with extraordinary results. We understand that no two real estate transactions are alike and that each transaction requires a custom approach. We pride ourselves on our quick decision making and commitment to deliver, which makes our industry reputation stand alone.